What We Do


Fitness Support in the Community

More and more, doctors and therapists are prescribing physical activity for the treatment of mental illness, but unfortunately - access to personal trainers and coaches is not a viable option for many. Fitness for Mental Health has developed evidence based programming that is specific and consistent, yet customized to suit both individuals and the communities in which we operate.  


If your community or organization could use the support of our team, we would love the opportunity to connect with you. We operate our programs through corporate sponsorship, grants and funding from a variety of sources. The core of our business is spreading the benefits of physical activity, and we are passionately working to ensure that everyone who needs our services, has access. 


Hospitals and Care Facilities

Let’s build a partnership

In line with our Mission and Vision, we strive to ensure that anyone and everyone who needs our services, has access to them.

In 2017, our Board of Directors identified a need to focus on supporting people who are currently accessing the mental health care system. Since May of 2018, we have been providing Fitness Support Services to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, and our team continues to grow so we may further support their programs.

Fitness Support takes many forms, and can be conducted in a variety of environments. Readiness for physical activity, fitness level, available space and equipment are all variable factors that can and will be considered. Although the foundation is based on 20-30 minutes of activity performed 3x per week; many clients have reported symptom reduction participating only once per week. 

I think the program is amazing, and clients have provided very good feedback. They have said they enjoy the variety and the modifications to make sure they can do the activities. Kim is awesome and so flexible with her plans and interacts amazing with the clients. I would love to see this program continue.
— Recreational Therapist - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

One-on-One Programs

In addition to serving groups, we also support individual clients in a more private and focused setting. Our Fitness Support Specialists develop a structure that is flexible – unique to personal challenges - and the commitment to this structure is what makes our clients successful. The FMH team are certified fitness professionals who have been trained to understand the various barriers that many face, as most of us have faced them ourselves. 

Progress is documented, and is measured using a variety of metrics - focusing on symptom reduction. Celebrating incremental gains, our clients notice improvements in mood symptoms, ability to focus, and overall mental well being. Consistency and structure are ways in which we ensure that clients stick to their programs as part of an overall mental health maintenance plan. 

Our clients come to us from all walks of life. Counselors, doctors and psychotherapists will send referals, and often individuals  will find us on their own.

We are here to understand your story

 YOUR FSS will meet with you to determine and tailor your program needs.  

  • 1 hour launching meeting with your Fitness Support Specialist

  • Your custom made recovery plan

  • Three personalized fitness sessions per week

  • 1hr session with a Nutrition Expert

  • Access to a network of Fitness for Mental Health Wellness Partners


Your commitment to this path is an investment in your future.

We know that exercise can seem like a daunting task at times, and we are here to help you break down those barriers. 

When you are ready to choose yourself, your health, and your future - 


We are here with you

Our Fitness Support Specialists (FSS) design programs to suit our clients’ lifestyle. We understand that the more barriers there are, the less likely our clients are to achieve success. The path to recovery is one that clients help narrate, and we are committed to helping everyone we work with, achieve their goals. 

Your FSS is on board with you throughout the length of your program, and beyond – to support your commitment to living a fully functional life.