About Us


Fitness for mental health

Fitness for Mental Health was born from first hand experience attempting to navigate the Health Care System and searching for support. 

We deliver customized fitness recovery plans based on the foundation that 30 minutes of medium to high intensity exercise performed 3x per week can dramatically reduce the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

In addition to working with our clients to improve their everyday lives, we operate as an advocate for mental health funding and awareness.


We are passionately working to establish physical activity as a sanctioned treatment for mental illness. We STRIVe TO ENSURE THAT ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO NEEDS OUR HELP HAS ACCESS TO OUR SERVICES.



WE ARE committed to establishing a supportive relationship with our clients that is rooted in protecting both privacy and overall well being. 



So, who are we?

We are a group of fitness professionals dedicated to changing the lives of people living with depression and anxiety. We are committed to offering a realistic approach to confronting the symptoms associated with mental illness, while helping to bridge the gap that exists in our health care system.


What is Fitness Support?

Fitness Support is an alternative or supplemental treatment for symptoms associated with Mental Illness. Based on the foundation of 30 minutes of exercise performed three times per week, the program can and will take on a variety of shapes and forms depending on your unique circumstance. 

Where do we do it?

There is no specific location of Fitness Support. We break down the barriers that often exist when living with a mental illness, and work to create a plan best suited for your success. 



have you recently been diagnosed with depression or anxiety OR been struggling to find the right treatment for you?